Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Mandy & Molly

      Once, there lived a twin named Molly and Mandy. Molly is a nice and kind girl. She likes sharing, and helping the poor. While Mandy, is a very mean girl. She likes to tease her twin.
     One day they were playing in the bedroom, then accidentally, Molly tripped over her Mom's expensive perfume but she didn't break the perfume. Then they both laughed, but Molly didn't know that Mandy's laugh was an evil laugh.
     So, while Molly went to the bathroom, Mandy broke the expensive perfume on purpose and told her Mom that Molly tripped on the expensive perfume, and broke it. Actually, mom saw that Mandy did that on purpose, however, her mom just pretended that she didn't know that. She called and asked Molly, "Molly, did you trip and break my expensive perfume?" Molly was confused when mom told her that she tripped and broke her expensive perfume. "No Mom, I tripped over the perfume, but I didn't break it," Molly said. "Mom, don't listen to her, she lied Mom," interrupted Mandy.
     Then Mom described what she actually saw. Mandy was surprised, because she did look around before she broke the perfume. But, Mandy didn't know that Mom saw through the window. After struggling in her mind, Mandy finally said sorry to Molly but she didn't say sorry whole-heartedly.  Consequently, Mom punished Mandy for not telling the truth, by not providing her pocket money for a week. 

Questions To Ponder:
  1. What do think Mandy should do after she said sorry?
  2. What should Molly say after Mandy said sorry?
   The Moral of the Story is:
Be Honest in everything you do. 

3 komentar:

  1. wooo..nice moral story charissa...like it.. :)
    keep writing yah...
    i am waiting for the others story... :)

  2. Good job Charissa, ada perbandingan/kontras antara tokohnya, good and bad, dan juga ada pertanyaan sesudah cerita. Reminded me of how John wrote in the Bible , he compared between light and darkness.
    Siapa tahu nanti jadi pengarang buku ya. Way to go Charissa!!!

  3. Wow nge-fans nih sm Charissa... btw katanya kamu n Gabby add YM aku, koq gak ada ya?