Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Nathan & Joshua

     Once there lived a sibling. The eldest one was named Patrick, the second one was named George, and the youngest one was named Nathan.
     One day Patrick, George, Nathan, and George's Friend, Joshua were playing in the playground. After 20 minutes Mom called Patrick, George, and Nathan. Patrick and George directly go home that time. But Nathan stayed in the playground and ignored Mom's calling.  Mom tried to ask Patrick and George to call Nathan to go home but Nathan continued playing and ignoring Patrick and George.  A while later, Joshua said to Nathan," It has been 15 minutes since your mom called you, I should be going home too, and be sure to say sorry to your mom," Joshua said. " Thank you for your advice," said Nathan.
     While Nathan is on his way back home, he tripped over a rock and fell.  "Help! Help! Can anybody hear me? Help!,"cried Nathan.  Luckily, Joshua wasn't very far away yet, he heard the scream and ran off to help the person who screamed.  To Joshua surprise, that person was Nathan.  "Nathan, what happened?," asked Joshua. "I tripped over a rock and fell," said Nathan. "OK, don't worry! Let me carry you back home," said Joshua. "Thank You Joshua, "said Nathan.
      Then, when they arrived...
      "Nathan, oh, I am so worried about you," said Mom. "Mom I tripped over and fell, but luckily Joshua was not very far away and carried me home.  Thank you Joshua, thanks for everything."said Nathan.  "Yeah, thank you Joshua," said Mom. "Your welcome," said Joshua.  After that, Joshua went home.
     The next day, Mom brought Nathan to the hospital and check whether Nathan had any broken bones. Unfortunately, Nathan had a broken bone, it is his left leg bone. He had to stay in the hospital for 2 days.

     Questions To Ponder:
  1. Do you think Nathan is obedient to his authority?
  2. What about Joshua? Do you think Joshua did the right thing? Was he a helpful person?
And you should be helpful to one another.

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